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About Military Forums:

Military Forums
Military Forums provides a community based website for serving and ex-service members of the Armed Forces and information for those willing to join the Armed Forces.
Features up to date news content and a large Forum including many categories with a variety of topics to discuss your military related issues from general discussion to training.

Military Forums found its feet at an early stage and saw rapid expansion.
Leave the internet out of it and you have one of the largest military discussion forums in the UK.
It's not just a website used by the its members, its the members that make Military Forums what it is today filled with content.

It all started in November 2001 when there was no website that combined all sectors of the Armed Forces to enable others to chat and interact with each other. Since, Military Forums has expanded and experienced great success.

From young to old and non-service to servicemen, Military Forums helps bring members together and helps each other to exchange information.
It is this information exchange that makes Military Forums what it is today.

Military Forums has enjoyed exposure in numerous magazines, newspapers and featured on TV programs such as The Wright Stuff & BBC Inside Out.

Visit Military Forums (www.militaryforums.co.uk)