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Laptop Repairs & Upgrades @ Wickidnet

Laptop Repairs & Upgrades

We offer an extensive repair service and our expertise covers everything from Virus Removal, System Crashes, LCD Replacements, DC Jack Replacements, Motherboard Repairs or Replacements and Upgrades.

Our prices are fixed and we don't work on a hourly rate.
We also offer a 'Quick-Fix' if the problem can be fixed within half an hour.

FREE Local Pick-up Service

Please see below for further details, if you require further information or advice, please Contact Us.

Common Laptop and Notebook Repairs:

Hard Drive
The most common hardware failure due to extreme heat your laptop creates.
We can install a reliable replacement drive and restore your operating system to factory settings.

LCD Screen
If your laptop screen is cracked or damaged, it is recommened for the screen to be replaced.
Sometimes its a simple case or replacing the LCD Inverter so that you are able to see what is displayed once again.

DC Power Jack
Have a broken or burnt out power socket?
This can also cause sudden reboots or shutdowns of your system and a non charging battery.
We can provide a quick cost effective repair.

Motherboard Repairs
Minor repairs can be carried out to your motherboard, if the problem is too severe after running diagnostics a replacement motherboard at times is generally more than the laptop could be worth.
Let us diagnose the problem first and let you know your options.

Keyboard Repair
Sometimes your keyboard will fail or simply certain keys will no longer work, or maybe due to spilling liquid on your keyboard.
The best option is to have your keyboard replaced.

Optical Drives
Your optical drive no longer working?
They tend to fail and either no longer read CD's and DVD's or burn them, the best answer once again is to have your drive replaced.

We can also carry out upgrades at your request with the most popular being RAM Memory and Hard Disk Drive replacements.

Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal

Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal Todays viruses slow down your computer and can be a danger by being nasty and stealing your sensitive information and data.

Beware of false claims of removing a virus quickly and within the hour.
Virus removal can take several hours or a day depending on the severity of the situation.
The virus can even return promptly if your system is not cleaned and secured properly.
It is rare but at times we will recommend a system restore of your operating system, so please keep your files backed up regulary.

The best solution for this repair is offsite and your laptop can be benchmarked and checked for a sucessful virus removal.

Laptop MOT

Laptop MOT Special Offer - Fixed Fee Full MOT!
  * Full Diagnostic and Inspection
  * Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal
  * Full Optimisation
  * Hard Drive Defragmentation and Clean
  * Windows and Driver Updates
  * Exterior Clean
£35 Fixed Fee

We also offer a internal clean which includes inspection of Fan & Heatsink and fresh thermal grease applied to your CPU and or GPU helping to combat graphic failures. This is highly recommended if you have had your laptop for a year or more and is out of warranty.
£75 Fixed Fee.


Diagnostic £25
Quote for Parts £25
Virus Removal £25
Data Transfer or Backup £35
Insurance Write-up £35
DC Socket Diagnostic £30
Motherboard Diagnostic £40


Operating System Restore £35
DC Socket Repair £70
Motherboard Repair £90+
Part Fitting or Upgrade £25


Quick Software Fix £15

VAT is not added to any of the above prices.

Serving the local area in East Sussex: Seaford - Newhaven - Peacehaven - Telscombe - Saltdean - Rottingdean - Brighton


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